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Things you want to do in 2020

Alloy polishing North Devon

 The things you want to do in 2020


The new year and the new decade are now here! It’s time to look at really putting in place the things we want to do and have prevaricated for far to long.


Your classic car or bike you have had for years sat in the garage or the drive? It’s time to either go for it and start that restoration or look at selling it to some one who has been looking for a project in years. If you go for the latter we can help with the powder coating and polishing, not to mention vapour blasting.

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Motorbike carbs vapour blasted at CES North Devon

We often get carbs in for a good vapour blasting and polishing. We also offer ultrasonic carb cleaning as a matter of course. There really isn’t much pint in getting something half done when the carbs are already out to be cleaned.


Call in or give us a ring to discuss what your project needs are and we will be glad to give advice.

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