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Sand Blasting in North Devon

Sand blasting, Devon, Barnstaple

Sand Blasting, North Devon

Sand Blasting, North Devon available at CES, Mullacott industrial estate near Ilfracombe.  We are an engineering company that now offer a new service of sand blasting. No matter what you need sand blasting we can help.

One item we can do and is a popular item is cast iron radiators.

Cast Iron Radiators

North Devon cast iron radiator painting and sand blasting

Sand blasting, Barnstaple

Services offered range from simply painting or blast-cleaning to full renovation.

Old radiators are grit-blasted to remove old paint and any surface rust, the old fittings are changed to fit modern heating systems if desired then the radiator is pressure tested to detect any leaks. After priming we can powder coat radiators in any colour needed. Traditional white, as well as bronze, gold and gunmetal colours are very popular, just ask for what we can offer.

Modern steel radiators and towel-radiators can be powder coated in a range of colours.

Please telephone or email us for advice or quotations (An accurate price can be offered if we are given the height in inches, and the number of sections and columns of a radiator).


Motorcycle Parts


We can blast-clean and paint/powder-coat most motorcycle parts and accessories. We have had a lot of experience helping people restore classic/vintage bikes and scooters.

Vapour blasting motorbike parts Devon

Vapour blasting car parts Devon



We can:

  1. Grit-blast and re-paint or powder-coat frames, swing arms and other bike parts.
  2. Vapour-blast or bead-blast alloy castings to an almost better-than-new finish.
  3. Grit-blast and re-paint or powder-coat wheels in a range of different finishes.
  4. Simply blast-clean parts for customers to work on themselves.


Sand Blasting, North Devon


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