Motorbike parts polishing

MotorBike parts polishing In Devon

North Devon motorbike powder coating service.

Motorbike parts polishing in Devon


Motorcycle parts Polished

The polishing of aluminium parts, aluminium castings or stainless steel parts on your bike or trike whether it’s engine casings, frames, swing arms, wheels, hubs, brake callipers, yokes, etc, factory or custom made, vintage, classic or custom bike parts are all welcome. Please call Ian for a quote and time scale.
Alloy polishing North Devon

Alloy polishing North Devon, vapour blasting, powder coating service



Motorbike parts Powder coated

We also have our new Powder coating service for any motorbike part or car parts large or small. We can do pretty much any colour and finish that is commercially available. From a large motorbike frame to a battery

Powder coated motorbike frames in Devon

Motorbike frame being powder coated and guided into a large oven

box we can handle it.

So if you need your classic motorbike parts  polished call us first.