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Devon metal fabrication

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Devon metal fabrication

CES Coastal Engineering Services are based near Ilfracombe and Woolacombe in North Devon


Metal fabrication is the method by which structures are created from raw materials by processes like cutting, bending, welding, machining and forming metal to create a final product. Metal fabrication is considered a “value-added” process because of the skilled work performed with the material through various stages of production.

Metal fabrication Devon

While metal fabrication shops have changed dramatically since the days of the booming post-WWII economy, metal fabrication continues to have broad applications across the building industry. Metal fabrication covers everything from hand railings to creating parts for heavy machinery to cutlery.

We at CES specialise in the design and building of structural metal components, which are used on job sites and in the assembly of large-scale building projects. Our metal fabrication facilities allow us to centralise the processes required in building and selling metal components. This makes it easier for vendors and contractors to find, design, and purchase the components they need for their job sites.

Contact us and we will gladly quote for your job either on the phone in person or on site.


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